The First Imaginary Conference on Transcorporality and Prosopopeia

Mohamed Abdelkarim, Quinsy Gario, Goda Palekaitė and Jonas Palekas, El Palomar, Francesco Ventrella, Arnisa Zequo

  • Opening 7.5.2020, 18:00h
  • Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo
  • Via Modane 16 – 10141, Torino
Goda Palekaitė, Advertising Anarchism, 2018. Photo: Inga Jankūnaitė. Courtesy the Artist

The Institute of Things to Come 2020 opens with a two-days public program of performances and talks to discuss phenomena that transcend the limits of human embodiment and perception, and consider episodes of physical metamorphosis.
In particular, the conference will refer to the notion of prosopopeia, a rhetorical figure in which the orator embodies a deceased person or an inanimate thing. Through the inclusion of artists, curators and academics who study the relation between political philosophy, gender studies and art history the conference will address the possibility of using prosopopeia to foster processes of dis-identity and understand the body as an agent of resistance. Is it possible to act outside gender dualism and without resorting to new, but still fixed, identity formations? How do we literally connect human skin and material history? Can we incarnate the inhuman?

On the occasion of the public program we will present the practices of our 2020 Associate Artists Mohamed Abelkarim, El Palomar and Goda Palekaitė, with three performances. This year’s programme, titled Disobedient Biographism, focuses on artists that have researched the life of marginalized historical figures, whose existences resist and question cultural clichés and political impositions. Once they are finalized, the new pieces will be presented to the public in December at Kunsthal Gent, Belgium.

PROGRAM DAY 1 - 07.05.2020

18.00 Valerio Del Baglivo
18.30 Francesco Ventrella
19.30 Mohamed Abdelkarim

with interventions by El Palomar

PROGRAM DAY 2 - 08.05.2020

18.30 Quinsy Gario
19.15 Arnisa Zequo
20.00 Goda Palekaitė and Jonas Palekas (with reservation only, please register by sending an email to and